Monday, 30 March 2009

Me and My Future Husband

As much as I don't like breaking up relationships - I would give so much to be the other half of the gorgeous Matthew Mitcham.

Don't you think we make a beautiful couple? We'd have stunning kids!!
(PS - please excuse my sunburn!)

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Thursday, 11 October 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaack

After a month or so of not posting, I'm breaking the record and doing 2 in one day!

Baby Cheesus!

Just wanted to spread this song to the masses - fuckin love it!

Thanks to Dancing With The Stars who reminded me of it!!


Just be happy I'm not uploading that pic of you in your bra up here...
... but never say never!!

Love love love to you! xxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Born to Try

Anyone else think it's co-incidental that the below trashbag is hosting a "brunch" on the weekend... in the same weekend that a certain Aussie songstress is releasing her new single?

Perhaps we could have a star performance on Saturday??

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Vale Angus George's Transitions (2005/6 - 2007)
Your exuberant life was cut short, with no thanks to drunk Angus.
Your passion for keeping the sun from Angus eyes will not be forgotten.
Rest In Peace.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

A few weeks ago....

Kendall and I took Dave Hampstead out for Mexican

We brought Angus with us

Dinner was delicious...

and the Bella Champagne that we drunk from the Takeaway Cups was total bovinity!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Homo's Triumph Again!

Thanks to sports guru Benny H for passing this article on... It's all about baby steps kids hey?

But yes... it does seem that slowly, us poofs are going to take over the world!

Sport officials overule gay sex ban

July 19, 2007 - 1:28PM

South Pacific Games officials in Samoa have overruled a ban on the country's gay competitors at the event having sex. Team Samoa management issued a memo to its athletes and officials banning them from engaging in gay or lesbian sex at the games, which start in Apia on August 25.

The Samoa Observer newspaper recently published the full text of the memo, issued on June 20. "Do not embarrass yourself, your family and your country by trying this in the village," the memo reads in a section on gay relationships.

"Best not to even think about this. It's against the law of God!" it says.

Homosexuality is illegal in Samoa, with a penalty for indecency between males of up to five years' jail. South Pacific Games organising committee chairman, Tapasu Leung Wai, told AAP his country did not discriminate against anybody.

"It was an internal memo from team management, and it was struck out ... Samoa has been known as accepting anybody, whether you be black or white, or whatever interests you have," he said. "It (homosexuality) is illegal, but as I said, on a personal note, we do not have any hard feelings about anybody, whatever you do. We respect whatever status you have."

Five thousand people are expected in Western Samoa's capital Apia to attend the games, in which 22 countries compete.

I mean seriously Samoa... what century are we in?!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Drinkin with the Denny's!

Isn't a great feeling when you're given the chance to see just how awesome your family really is?

In the weekend just gone, my uncle tim celebrated his 50th b'day... and by christ weren't we there to celebrate it with him!

That's uncle Tim there (yep, in the tiara... All Tim's are the same I tells ya!) with my Aunty Sandy. Aunty Sandy is my Mum's first cousin - FYI. Sandy and Tim make the most beautiful couple. As someone at the party said... "they've been together how long? and they still act like newlyweds!" Very inspirational!

So... That's the view from Mum's room in the Intercontinental... not bad huh? Thanks for booking that one Aunty Phil!!

These are the cousins/life of the party! Uncle Stephen, Aunty Kay, Aunty Sandy, Mum and Uncle Raymond... ALL LEGENDS! (and all decendants from my great grandparents George and Netta Denny!)

This is the boat that we got to cruise on all night long! Not bad huh?!

My Aunty Kay met a few american sailors who were in town!

We had an absolute blinder of a night... Its not often I get to say that I ended up at the casino with my Mum, my Aunty and my Great-Aunty (who was the last one standing mind you!)

A brilliant night... we got really really pissed, enjoying the company of the rello's (I've spent most of the night laughing my guts up!) and as Aunty Sandy put it - getting "loose"

Thanks Sandy and Tim for putting on a great show (as always!). Was great to catch up with all the family - even my gorgeous cousin Mandy, who's living up in Brisbane now.

Can't wait for the next party!!

Sunday, 8 July 2007


Ummm... how fricken awesome is live earth? In between working, attending my Uncle's AWESOME 50th b'day party & being as hungover as a mofo I've been listening to the Concerts in Sydney and accross the world... Thanks AUSTEREO!!

People power is so SO phenomenal. Combine that with ACE Music (could the international and local lineups been any better??!!) and a good cause and you've got the receipe for some inspirational times. I've been getting teary listening to the broadcasts... Its given me hope that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I just wanted to post the below words from the green generation link above. Without Al Gore the world wouldn't have been kicked into gear... and how exciting that the Celebrations started off in Sydney. I wish I could have gone, but by listening and (most importantly) changing the way I live my life, I feel like I've had a part of this history making event.

Speaking via a video link-up at the Australian event's official launch at
Aussie Stadium, Live Earth co-chair Al Gore said, "The climate crisis is a
global problem that requires a global response. That's exactly what Live Earth
is. On 7/7/07, Live Earth will touch over two billion people with 24 hours of
live music across seven continents and an urgent, hopeful message to trigger a
worldwide movement to combat the climate crisis. This movement begins here at
Aussie Stadium."

Watch Al Gore's full Live Earth Australia message.

"Live Earth Australia will kick off 24 hours of music spanning all seven
continents to focus the world against global warming," said Lily Sobhani, Live
Earth's Global Head of Events at the Australian announcement. "Over 100
headlining artists ranging from Madonna to The Police to Wolfmother, all of whom are donating their time to perform at the concerts, will inspire an audience of
over two billion people. Live Earth is designed to trigger a mass movement to
combat our climate crisis. The climate crisis touches everyone, everywhere. Live
Earth is about motivating people in every corner of the planet to 'Answer the
Call' and make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives to combat global

Climate change expert Dr Michael Molitor explained how all the Live
Earth concerts around the world will be as green as possible, implementing new
Green Event Guidelines that organisers hope will become the model for
carbon-neutral concerts and other live events in the future. "The key message of
Live Earth is that everyone can — and must — be a part of the solution," said
Molitor. "Everyone can take simple measures that will greatly assist the global
effort to reduce carbon emissions. Live Earth is driving global awareness about
the solutions and engaging people around the world to undertake personal action
both at home and at work."